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Tom Heath
Talis Systems Ltd
43 Temple Row
B2 5LS
United Kingdom


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Email (work): tomheath
Twitter: tommyh


My URI is <>. Please use this when referring to me in RDF statements. This URI supports HTTP303 redirects and content negotiation. If you specifically want to refer to my homepage, its URI is <>.

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If you know me, and have a a FOAF file, then add this snippet inside your foaf:Person element to tell the Web of Data that you know me. It assumes you've declared the FOAF prefix (i.e. you have a line like this: xmlns:foaf = "" in the header of your FOAF file):

  <foaf:Person rdf:about="">
    <foaf:name>Tom Heath</foaf:name>
      rdfs:label="Information about Tom Heath in RDF" />
</foaf:knows> - Review Anything logo

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Chiip (Online Shopping from Amazon)

Dreamhost (Web Hosting)

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