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Old Web Site, New Location

After leaving it to languish for years, I’ve finally made some good use of tomheath.com, which is the new location for my Web site that previously lived at http://kmi.open.ac.uk/people/tom/html. The content is pretty much the same, and badly needs an update, but this is the first stage of my migration from Web hosting at KMi. […]

List of HTTP Status Codes, Comma-separated

How difficult can it be to find a comma-separated list of HTTP Status Codes and their associated labels? Quite hard, apparently, so I made one: 100, Continue101, Switching Protocols200, OK201, Created202, Accepted203, Non-Authoritative Information204, No Content205, Reset Content206, Partial Content300, Multiple Choices301, Moved Permanently302, Found303, See Other304, Not Modified305, Use Proxy306, (Unused)307, Temporary Redirect400, Bad […]