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Bebo White Reviews the Linked Data Book for Journal of Web Engineering

I recently had an email giving advance notice that a review of the Linked Data Book (aka “Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space“) would appear in Volume 11(2) of the Journal of Web Engineering, published by Rinton Press (ISSN: 1540-9589). As some people won’t have easy access to the journal, the […]

Arguments about HTTP 303 Considered Harmful

Ian recently published a blog post that he’d finally got around to writing, several months after a fierce internal debate at Talis about whether the Web of Data needs HTTP 303 redirects. I can top that. Ian’s post unleashed a flood of anti-303 sentiment that has prompted me to finish a blog post I started […]

Linked Data? Web of Data? Semantic Web? WTF?

This post was prompted by this tweet from Tim O’Reilly… People learning about Linked Data frequently ask “what’s the relationship between Linked Data and the Semantic Web?”, which is a fair and good question. One of the responses that crops up relatively frequently is that Linked Data is just an attempt to rebrand the Semantic […]

Linked Data Tutorials at Semantic Web Austin

I spent a few days last week in Austin, Texas, running two one-day tutorials about Linked Data. Juan was a great host, and the tutorials themselves were great fun (and significantly enhanced by the post-tutorial beers supplied by the very kind folk at The Guardian).  I was incredibly impressed by the energy, enthusiasm and foresight […]

On Snake Oil

Greetings, from the shady corner of the marketplace, where dubious characters tell tales of substances with mystical properties, and push their wares on unsuspecting passersby… Today I had the dubious privilege of being branded a snake oil salesman, on the grounds that my “boosting” of the Semantic Web isn’t backed up by adequate eating of […]

Raw Data Now Dot Com

Last summer I registered the domain name rawdatanow.com. I was at Linked Data Planet in New York, listening to TimBL give his keynote, and was struck by his rallying cry for RAW DATA NOW!! The idea made perfect sense: concentrate on getting your data out (soundtrack by danja), and worry about the shiny interface later; […]

Thesis Posted Online

I’ve finally posted the final version of my PhD thesis (“Information-seeking on the Web with Trusted Social Networks – from Theory to Systems”) online at http://tomheath.com/thesis/heath-thesis-information-seeking-trusted-social-networks.pdf. I also intend to produce a compact formatted version for people who would rather print it than read the PDF. More on that later.

Yes, the Semantic Web does matter, and RDF is a key part of that picture

Paul Miller has a nice new post over at ZDnet, entitled Does the Semantic Web matter? He ultimately concludes ‘yes’, and I agree, but some of the details raised an eyebrow for me. “Continuing landgrabs by startups that seek to attract, trap and exploit eyeballs stand unashamedly on the shoulders of Semantic Web promise whilst […]

VoCamp, Day Zero

Tomorrow is the first day of the first ever VoCamp. It may also be the last ever VoCamp, but I hope and believe that will not be the case. Around 20 of us have gathered in Oxford for two days for an event from which none of us quite knows what to expect. The goal […]

Where is the business value in Linked Data?

Where is the business value in Linked Data? What is the business case for exposing your organisation’s data assets according to Linked Data principles and best practices, and being a good citizen of the Web of Data? Whenever I ask myself this question I’m tempted to give some trite answer like “you’ve got to be […]