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New Year, New Blog

I got a bit bored of the limited functionality of my old blog at http://my.opera.com/tomheath/blog/ — that platform just wasn’t keeping pace with the state of the art in blogging software, which is a shame, as I specifically started using it because of the FOAF output — so have decided to switch to a WordPress […]

Leigh Dodds goes public about his move to Talis

Leigh Dodds has just blogged publicly about his forthcoming move to Talis. From 1st September he’ll be joining us as Programme Manager for the Talis Platform. I’m personally really excited about having Leigh on board – he’s been an impressive figure on the Semantic Web scene for quite some time; IIRC I even used his […]

Garlik Launches FOAF Services

The FOAF space got a whole lot more interesting yesterday, when Garlik released two FOAF services under their QDOS umbrella. The first is effectively a viewer on FOAF data crawled from across the Web. Have a look at the data about Danny Ayers to see it in action. As far as I can tell, having […]