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I’m not a lawyer, but…. ISWC2009 Tutorial on Data Licensing

As the Linked Data community shifts its emphasis from publishing data on the Web to consuming it in applications, one question inevitably arises: “what are the terms under which different data sets can be reused?” There’s been a considerable amount of time and money invested by Talis and others in providing some clarity in this area; work that has evolved into the Open Data Commons. However, there remains a lot of confusion in this area, as evidenced by this thread on the Linking Open Data mailing list. Clearly there is more education and outreach work to be done about how licenses and waivers can be applied to data.

With this in mind Leigh Dodds, Jordan Hatcher, Kaitlin Thaney and I submitted a tutorial proposal to this years International Semantic Web Conference addressing exactly these kind of issues. The good news is that our proposal has been accepted, and therefore there will be a half day tutorial on “Legal and Social Frameworks for Sharing Data on the Web” at ISWC2009 in Washington DC in October (more details online soon). With Jordan present to provide the legal perspective there’ll finally be someone taking part in the discussion who can’t prefix their statements with “I’m not a lawyer, but…”

Leigh Dodds goes public about his move to Talis

Leigh Dodds has just blogged publicly about his forthcoming move to Talis. From 1st September he’ll be joining us as Programme Manager for the Talis Platform. I’m personally really excited about having Leigh on board – he’s been an impressive figure on the Semantic Web scene for quite some time; IIRC I even used his FOAF-a-matic tool to create my first FOAF file back in the day. Not only will he bring some impressive skills to the company, but his move here further demonstrates that we can attract top-class Semantic Web talent. Leigh, welcome on board 🙂