Linked Data Tutorials at Semantic Web Austin

I spent a few days last week in Austin, Texas, running two one-day tutorials about Linked Data. Juan was a great host, and the tutorials themselves were great fun (and significantly enhanced by the post-tutorial beers supplied by the very kind folk at The Guardian).  I was incredibly impressed by the energy, enthusiasm and foresight of the members of the Semantic Web Austin interest group that Juan and John De Oliveira kick-started. The city itself has an amazing can-do attitude, and this was reflected in the diverse group of attendees at the tutorials. It was great to see so many completely new faces, and see first hand that Linked Data appeals well beyond the traditional Semantic Web community. If Juan’s energy is anything to go by I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Austin storms to the position of Semantic Web capital of the USA by the end of 2009. The slides from the tutorial are online on my site (PDF, 2.8M), and the photos of work and beer are on Flickr.

5 Responses to “Linked Data Tutorials at Semantic Web Austin”

  1. Yves

    Hi Tom!

    I think there’s a typo, on slide 19 – it should be , not ?

    Anyway, great slides, and great pictures!

  2. Yves

    arg, links did not get through 🙂

    foaf:Person#based_near should be replaced by foaf:based_near

    sorry about that 🙂

  3. Tom Heath

    Duh, stupid mistake, thanks Yves for spotting this. Fixed now, though you may need to clear your browser cache. Glad you like the slides and the photos 🙂

  4. Marcus Irven

    Hi Tom,

    I really enjoyed meeting you and the presentation, it really help solidify concepts I had previously only been introduced to. I’m looking forward to continuing my exploration.


  5. Tom Heath

    Hey Marcus, great! Really enjoyed meeting you too – stay in touch, and hope to see you in Austin again some time.