New Year, New Blog

I got a bit bored of the limited functionality of my old blog at — that platform just wasn’t keeping pace with the state of the art in blogging software, which is a shame, as I specifically started using it because of the FOAF output — so have decided to switch to a WordPress install here at I’ve managed to import the 20 most recent posts from the old blog using the WordPress import tool for RSS (hooray for data in reusable formats) but not the earlier ones as there is no RSS feed for those (boo to that needless limitation). There’s still some cleanup to do on the imported posts, some general housekeeping tasks and a decent theme to choose, which will be a good displacement activity for me over the next few weeks. Any suggestions for essential WP plugins to install would be welcomed.

1 Response to “New Year, New Blog”

  1. Rob Styles

    Well, obviously Akismet is a no-brainer.

    Other than that, I recommend Alex King’s Twitter Tools (for posting a tweet when you blog) and Keith Dsouza’a WordPress Automatic Upgrade (which lets you upgrade automatically, including making backups).