Making My Placard: UK Email Retention Plans

I’ve nothing much to add to this story -  The UK government’s plans to retain email data and rate online content will cost too much, destroy business, liberty and must be stopped – start making placards – except my support for any peaceful demonstrations that get planned. Just posting it here in case even one additional person finds out about the plans. More also from the BBC: Off to think of a whitty slogan for my placard.

3 Responses to “Making My Placard: UK Email Retention Plans”

  1. John Goodwin

    Totally agree Tom. Have you considered joining your local No2ID group to fight these sorts of issues?

  2. Tom Heath

    Hi John,

    Good suggestion, thanks. I signed up for the NO2ID Pledgebank pledge ( a while back but need to actually honour that and cough up the cash! Joining my local group officially would be a good idea too. One of my goals for this year is to put my money where my mouth is and actively support more of the groups/causes I believe in. Best get on with it 🙂

  3. John Goodwin

    Yes I hope to be more active in supporting things. Been a bit of a slackivist of late. This might be of interest:

    Worth checking if there’s a satellite event in your neck of the woods. I’m tempted to head up to London. We tried to organise one for Southampton, but just wasn’t time.