What's with the images in Cuil?

I’ve just been having a play with Cuil. In general I really like it, particularly the richer layout. What is very weird (aka rubbish) though is the algorithm they’re using to select images for display next to each result. A quick search for Talis shows some relatively sensible accommpanying images, although I’m not sure who the young guy with the beard is.

A bit of vanity searching though throws up all sorts of weirdness. This time who is the old dude with the beard known as 303 See Other? He looks kind of familiar, but there’s no way it’s me. And who’s the other young guy with the whispy chin hair, and why is he squatting on my publications page? I like the juxtaposition of Linked Data and the Killer App image, but why? There seem to be far too many false positives, so come on Cuil, up the confidence threshold slightly.

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