Tim Berners-Lee Talks with Talis, and plugs Linked Data

The Talking with Talis series reaches new heights today, with the addition of a podcast discussion with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web. Yes, the inventor of the Web. OK, so probably everyone reading this blog knows that Tim invented the Web, but sometimes I have to stop and get a reality check. Once upon a time there was no Web. It just didn’t exist. Huh? Weird. I can only just make sense of that.

It’s much easier to reconnect with the excitement I felt when I first used the Web in 1995. (I know, I know!! Where was I all those years?). Now, more than ten years on I feel the same kind of excitement about Linked Data and the Semantic Web. There are still many doubters out there, but efforts such as the Linking Open Data project give me strength. Tim plugs the project, and Linked Data in general, extensively in the Talis podcast (transcript, analysis).

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